Appreciation Concert honoring your Dispatch of the Rescue teams in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquakes “Our Thank you on the wing of the Music”


5 months have passed since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit East Japan. Many of the victims are still forced to live in restricted situations. Some of them are frustrated by the slow progress towards recovery.

The International society has been amazed by, and has admired the Japanese′ orderly behavior that was maintained even under such devastating circumstances. Being Japanese, we have been proud of our civility.
On the other hand, many countries have been critical of the lack of available insufficient information about the nuclear accident.
Perhaps both these characteristics are symbolic of Japanese-ness.

In any case, as we begin to recover from the disaster, we Japanese must never forget our gratitude for the rescue, support and aid we have received from international society.
Watching the images of foreign people working at devastated areas, and seeing many relief supplies sent from overseas, we were touched to the point of tears.

Although Japan is currently still struggling to recover, we are expecting the situation to turn around by this autumn.
Realizing that our friends from 30 countries, regions and international organizations have provided tremendous support by sending rescue teams and experts to the devastated areas, we would like to express our gratitude, and therefore we are organizing a concert named “Our thank you on the wing of the Music”.

Promotors / Steering Members
  • Takao Abe(Mayor of Kawasaki City)
  • Yasushi Akashi(Chairman of the International House of Japan)
  • Shinji Fukukawa(Chairman of the Machine Industry Memorial Foundation)
  • Nobuhiro Iijima(President of Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.)
  • Tadateru Konoe(President of the Japanese Red Cross Society)
  • Haruo Miki(President of Tamanohada Soap Corporation)

(The list above is alphabetical.)